Important Information On Police Brutality

The police play an essential role in our society. The officers are responsible for maintaining law and order ensuring citizens are free to conduct their activities without fear. Even with the vital role the law enforcers play, police brutality is an issue that continues to tarnish the reputation of this respected force. Understanding the vice […]

Why Police Officers Should Be Honorable

The police officer is your friend. This is a popular aphorism and the message here is that you do not have to fear the policeman as long as you are a law abiding citizen. The job description of the average police officer covers a lot of ground. Apart from maintaining law and order, police officers […]

Why Police Officers Should Be Responsible

A police officer wields enormous power but power is needs to be tempered with responsibility. This is why police officers are trained to be responsible in the discharge of their duties. However, some police officers get carried away and commit offences that infringe on the rights of other citizens. When this happens, such officers can […]