Important Information On Police Brutality

The police play an essential role in our society. The officers are responsible for maintaining law and order ensuring citizens are free to conduct their activities without fear. Even with the vital role the law enforcers play, police brutality is an issue that continues to tarnish the reputation of this respected force.

Understanding the vice

This evil practice arises when police use excessive force in either calming riots or just enforcing law and order. Cases of extreme battering, shooting of unarmed civilians and torture are some of the complains citizens raise in this regard. In severe cases, such acts have resulted in maiming or even death of innocent civilians.

What are the measures to take if you are a victim of police brutality

For victims the whole experience is heartbreaking. The physical injuries and mental distress make most victims want officers who took part in the brutality to be arrested and charged. As a citizen, the first step is to launch a formal complaint to the authorities and is possible submit evidence. With such information, it is easy for investigations to be carried out and necessary action taken.

police brutality

The role of the media and civil society groups in addressing such issues

For victims, the stories of their encounters under the arms of rogue officers have to be to be known. The media has been active in documenting and bringing such revelations to light. In some cases, they have even aired the events live as they happen to expose the ills been done by police to innocent citizens.

Civil society groups are very vocal in condemning such vices. They have continuously called for a stop in harmful practice. Demonstrations are one of the ways civil societies push for reforms in the police force and also arrest of rogue officials perpetuating this evil acts.

The role of the government in ending the practice

The police being an arm of the government is responsible for ensuring they use the most humane and civilised methods when dealing with civilians. Any rogue official should be taken to court the court, and if found guilty, the relevant legal action is necessary. The move will come a long way in ensuring the victims of such brutality get justice.

For those working in the police force, the virtue of integrity in the execution of work is critical. Harming innocent civilians whose lives you are supposed to protect is wrong. Police officers should desist from overstating their mandate no matter the situation.